Artist and Educator

Pushing Colored Dirt

I have started a YouTube channel called Pushing Colored Dirt that, as it grows, will be equal parts art education and visual essays. I will be aiming to create weekly videos in a shorter format where I discuss various aspects of my process as it relates to the larger context of the art world and art history. Therefore, I need to be honest about At-Home Atelier… it isn’t dead, but it is on hold. A lot of thought went into this decision, and I hope if you follow me on the AHA site you will understand, but I am planning big things with PCD to add a high level of value. Full disclosure: video format is new to me, so the learning curve is a biggie. But follow along. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time and I am incredibly excited about what I will be producing over the next few months.

- Julian Tejera