Artist and Educator

Hi everyone! Welcome to my website. My artwork and web store are still fully functional, but I am in the process of building my online school, the At Home Atelier. I am still shooting and editing content for the first course which I will offer for free, titled

5 Baby Steps to Better Drawing

If you sign up for my newsletter below you will receive information when it is ready to launch, as well as when I release premium content. My aim is to provide step-by-step, actionable exercises for anyone who wishes to take the first steps into representational drawing and painting. I won't bombard you with pages of text and images saying things like "you absolutely NEED this course to get as good as a pro!!" or "learn this one simple trick to unlock the SECRETS of the Old Masters!" What I can offer you is straightforward, honest information based on my experiences as a working artist and art educator.

There are no follow-along styled demos where there is a cookie cutter end product, although you are more than welcome to drink your vino while following along and taking notes. I won’t show you how to “copy” a photo or any other image, even though some of the processes used can be used to that end. What I will show you is how to understand and interpret what you are seeing so that you can make informed decisions in your own artwork. I truly do think everyone has the ability to draw and paint with some level of confidence, even if being an artist is not their end goal.

So if you’re interested in receiving future updates, please sign up below. And in the mean time please enjoy my art.